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front cover of issue 13

Front cover of the Shiva publications collection of MANIFOLD articles

manifold was a rather special mathematical magazine, published between 1968 and 1980 at the University of Warwick, in Coventry in the UK. What was 'special' can be examined on this web-site.

This is an on-going project to make all 20 issues available on the web. The problems are not insignificant! Not only is there, naturally, a much higher than average mathematical content, which is decidedly un web-friendly, but the earlier issues were poorly printed and require prodigious amounts of editing -- as late as issue 13, the typewriter we were using produced an 's' that is consistently scanned as an 'n'!

In time, the site will offer a free-text search facility, and comprehensive title, subject and author indices. At the start of this project, the emphasis is on providing as much content as possible, so these facilities will follow in due course.

If you wish to be alerted whenever substantial new content is added to the site, e-mail us at, and we will e-mail you whenever a complete new issue is available. This is not an automated reply service, so do please tell us what you are asking for!

Before browsing what material is currently available, we suggest that you read the article 'on the road to Manifold delay', taken from Shiva Publications 'Seven Years of manifold, 1968--1980' (think about it!). This describes how manifold came into existence, and sets out its philosophy -- which bears repeating here:

"It is possible to be serious about mathematics, without being solemn."

A word of warning about the links: within a single issue, all links will work correctly. But occasionally, we link from one article to a follow-up one in a subsequent issue, which is not yet live. To avoid subsequently having to edit these links, this web-site is populated with a large number of 'empty' pages, provided simply to be the destination for such links, and due for subsequent updating. Be warned that a link out of the issue you are reading will probably not lead you anywhere useful -- at least in the early stages of this project.

The links below will take you to the contents pages of the 20 issues. Notwithstanding the above remark, only the links that lead to serious content will work at any given time.

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on the road to Manifold delay